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Tag Results for "Guatemala News"

Liquor Store Armed Standoff Leaves 11 Dead, 18 Wounded in Guatemala

A violent standoff in Guatemala at a San Jose Nacahuil liquor store has left 11 dead and 18 others injured. Authorities say they do not know the cause of the armed standoff. San Jose Nacahuil is located some 16 miles north of the capital city of Guatemala City. continue reading »

Bus Plunges 245-Feet off Cliff in Guatemala, At Least 30 Dead

More than 30 people died Monday and dozens were injured when an overloaded bus skidded off a highway west of Guatemala City, first responders said. continue reading »

Gunmen Kill 11 in Guatemalan Indian Village

At least 11 people were killed and more than a dozen others, including three children, were wounded when gunmen opened fire on a liquor store in San Jose Nacahuil, an Indian community in central Guatemala, officials said Sunday. continue reading »

6.5 Earthquake Rattles Guatemala

A powerful 6.5-magnitude earthquake shook Guatemala and also caused alarm in neighboring El Salvador, although no casualties were immediately reported. continue reading »

At Least 62 Young Guatemalans Have Died From Malnutrition This Year

Malnutrition is to blame for the deaths of at least 62 children under the age of 5 so far this year in Guatemala, the government said Wednesday. Nearly 9,800 youngsters have been diagnosed with chronic malnutrition, the secretary for food security, Luis Monterroso, told reporters. continue reading »

GUATEMALA: Angry Townspeople Kill 3 Suspected Kidnappers

Enraged residents of an Indian community in northern Guatemala lynched three presumed kidnappers while a fourth man managed to save himself and was admitted to a hospital, authorities said Sunday. continue reading »

Guatemala Launches Operation Targeting Poppy Farms Along Mexican Border

Guatemalan security forces have launched a wide-ranging operation targeting poppy farms in San Marcos, a northwestern province on the border with Mexico, Government Minister Mauricio Lopez said. continue reading »

Shrimping Boats Responsible for Sea Turtle Deaths in Guatemala, Says Environmentalists

Sea turtle deaths have been rising on Guatemala's Pacific coast due to "indiscriminate" shrimp fishing, environmentalists said. At least 80 dead sea turtles have been found on Pacific beaches in the past two months, the Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Association, or Arcas, said in a statement. continue reading »

Homeland Security Arrests 207 Gang Members in Central America Operation

More than 200 alleged transnational criminal street gang members and associates were arrested in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras during a 60-day enforcement operation spearheaded by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and Central American law enforcement. continue reading »

Mexican Authorities Detain 3 Bangladeshi Immigrants en Route to U.S.

Mexican authorities detained three undocumented migrants from Bangladesh and a Guatemalan man traveling with them who is suspected of people trafficking, prosecutors said. continue reading »

Journalist Gunned Down in Guatemala, Third This Year

A veteran broadcast journalist was fatally shot Tuesday in the eastern province of Zacapa, Guatemalan authorities said. continue reading »

Guatemalan Police Arrest 34 for Murders of 9 Cops

The investigation into the June 13 killings of nine police officers in the western province of Quetzaltenango has led to the arrest of 34 suspects, Guatemala's interior minister said Wednesday. continue reading »

Guatemalan Court Suspends Canadian Miner’s License

A Guatemalan appellate court on Wednesday suspended the operating license issued to Canadian mining company Tahoe Resources Inc. for a huge silver deposit, acting at the request of inhabitants of communities located near the site. continue reading »

Guatemalan Gangs Targeting Bus Drivers

Gang members killed two people and three others in Guatemala City Friday in attacks on bus drivers who failed to pay protection money, Guatemalan police said. continue reading »

Plane Crashes in Guatemala, Bags of Money Found at Site

Six men died Friday in a plane crash in the northwestern Guatemalan province of San Marcos, an official said. continue reading »

Fauna that Lived in Ancient Mayan Times Survives Climate Change

Fauna that was prevalent at the height of the ancestral Mayan culture has survived prolonged droughts, hurricanes and the deleterious effects of climate change on biodiversity in the areas where the cities of that millennial culture stood, experts say. continue reading »

Drug Traffickers Blamed for Massacre of Cops in Guatemala

Drug traffickers were behind the killings of eight police officers in the western province of Quetzaltenango, Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina said Friday. continue reading »

Illinois Immigrant Saved from Deportation Following Complaints from Family, Activists

Israel Lopez Bautista, an undocumented Guatemalan immigrant arrested here by immigration agents for having returned to the United States after being deported, was released on Thursday after complaints by relatives and activists. continue reading »

29 Guatemalan Migrants Detained in Mexico

Mexico's federal police said it detained 29 Guatemalan migrants who were traveling undocumented in the northern state of Nuevo Leon. In a communique, that force said the incident took place along the Matehuala-Saltillo highway, continue reading »

Guatemala’s Homicide Rate Jumps 9 Percent in 2013

The 2,597 homicides committed in Guatemala in the first five months of the year represent an increase of 9 percent over the same period in 2012, the Mutual Support Group, or GAM, said Thursday. continue reading »