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Tag Results for "Gael Garcia Bernal"

Gael Garcia Bernal to Depict Undocumented Immigrant in New Film

Actor Gael Garcia Bernal will star in the next Jonas Cuaron movie, in which he will play an undocumented Mexican immigrant trying to enter the United States illegally, Deadline Hollywood said. continue reading »

How is Thalia Involved with Diego Luna’s Possible Divorce?

During a concert in Mexico City recently, an intoxicated Camila Sodi revealed to the audience that her marriage to Diego Luna may be ending. While on stage, the 26-year-old actress-turned-singer expressed, "My marriage is done continue reading »

Sundance 2013: Gael Garcia Bernal’s Documentary Picked Up by Mundial

Who Is Dayani Cristal? a documentary made with actor Gael Garcia Bernal just showed at this year's Sundance Film Festival and it has already been picked up by Mundial. continue reading »

See Latin America’s Nominations for the 85th Academy Awards’ Foreign Film Category

On Monday, the films from a record 71 countries vying for the 85th Academy Awards’ Foreign Language Film award were announced. The 2012 official submissions from Latin America and Spain continue reading »

Gael Garcia Bernal Set to Begin Work on ‘The Dallas Buyer’s Club’ with McConaughey

Gael Garcia Bernal may soon be joining Matthew McConaughey as part of the cast of The Dallas Buyer’s Club. The film revolves around the real-life events of a Texas electrician, Ron Woodroof (McConaughey) continue reading »

Drama “No” About Chilean Dictator Pinochet Wins Top Award at Cannes

The drama, “No” that tells the story of Chile’s referendum vote on Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet starring Gael Garcia Bernal has won top awards at Cannes. The movie that earlier this week was picked up by Sony Pictures, won the ‘Directors Fortnight’ and the ‘Art Cinema Award’. continue reading »

Drama About Chilean Dictator Pinochet Acquired by Sony Pictures in Cannes

The drama, “No”, about the story of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet starring Gael Garcia Bernal has been acquired by Sony Pictures. continue reading »

Gael Garcia Bernal Heading to Puerto Rico in June to Film Boxing Champ Roberto Duran Bio-Pic

The film "Hands of Stone," which tells the story of former boxing world champion Roberto Duran, will begin filming June 4 in Puerto Rico, one of the production companies confirmed to Efe on Monday. continue reading »

Will Ferrell Tells Conan About his “Sensual” Scene in ‘Casa de Mi Padre’ (VIDEO)

While visiting Conan's late night show, Will Ferrell told the fellow funny man about his interesting time filming the sex scene for his Spanish-language film (now in theaters) Casa de Mi Padre. continue reading »

Gael García Bernal Admits to Smoking Pot - Occasionally

At a conference discussing the legalization of drugs in Sao Paolo, Brazil Gael García Bernal announced his support of legalizing marijuana, while stating he enjoys smoking an occasional joint continue reading »

Will Ferrell’s ‘Casa de Mi Padre’ Makes it into Weekend’s Top 10 with $2.2 Million at Opening

Though it had a limited release (just 382 theaters) Diego Luna’s film Casa de Mi Padre, starring Will Ferrell and himself, broke into the top 10 films in its opening weekend. continue reading »

Michael Peña to Star as Cesar Chavez in ‘Chavez’ Directed by Diego Luna

Variety is reporting that Michael Peña has been cast as Cesar E. Chavez in the new film about the civil rights leader’s life. The movie, titled Chavez, will be directed by fellow actor Diego Luna and will also star America Ferrera continue reading »

Mexican Actor Gael Garcia Bernal to be new Zorro

Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal will take over Antonio Banderas's role as Zorro in the next movie about the mighty masked swordsman, "Zorro Reborn". continue reading »

CHECK OUT: Will Ferrell as Mexican Armando Alvarez for ‘Casa de Mi Padre’ Movie (VIDEO)

Check out, Señor Will Ferrell say “Te voy a dar una paliza con estas manos” and become the Mexican Armando Alvarez. continue reading »

Diego Luna: “We Mexicans, Are in the Middle of a War”

Monday, celebrated actor Diego Luna, along with Gael García Bernal, attended the premiere of “Miss Bala”, produced by their Canana Films production company. continue reading »

“Querétaro” Voted Prettiest Word in Spanish Language

"Netizens" (Citizens of the Net) chose the word Querétaro proposed by actor Gael García Bernal in the poll organized by the Cervantes Institute. continue reading »

WATCH Will Ferrell Speak En Español in the Trailer for “Casa De Mi Padre” (VIDEO)

Yes, That’s right. Hear Señor Will say “Te voy a dar una paliza con estas manos” and become the Mexican Armando Alvarez continue reading »

Discovery en Español Debuts Human Planet with Gael Garcia Bernal Narrating

First came an unforgettable journey across the world's greatest habitats. Then viewers were brought nose-to-nose with Earth's wildest creatures. Now, the makers of PLANET EARTH and LIFE reverse the spotlight to focus on a species closer to home: humans. continue reading »

Felicidades to 2nd Time Papa Gael Garcia Bernal on the Birth of Daughter Libertad

HS News is sending out Felicidades to 2nd time papa Gael Garcia Bernal on the birth of daughter Libertad. continue reading »

Johnny Depp Says No Pancho Villa Role, Now It’s Up to Gael or Benicio

Gael García Bernal and Benicio del Toro are set to meet director Emir Kusturika in Cuba, to discuss who will become Pancho Villa on the film production. continue reading »