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Tag Results for "Frida Kahlo"

Mexican Painter Frida Kahlo was Born in 1907

Today in Latin American history, Mexican painter Frida Kahlo who was known for her self-portraits was born in 1907. Kahlo began painting after she was severely injured in a bus accident, she became one of Mexico's greatest artists. continue reading »

Frida Kahlo Inspires Mexican Designer Rolando Santana’s Collection

Mexican designer Rolando Santana used the runways at New York Fashion Week to create an ode to femininity, unveiling a colorful collection inspired by iconic artist Frida Kahlo. continue reading »

Mexico Unveils Exhibition Honoring “Forgotten” Protege of Frida Kahlo

An exhibition is being held in the capital to pay tribute to Polish-born Mexican artist Fanny Rabel, considered the "forgotten" protege of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. continue reading »

The Secret Book of Frida Kahlo: A Novel

Frida Kahlo’s Clothing to Go on Display in Mexican Museum

Famed artist Frida Kahlo was known, in part, for you colorful dresses. Those very dresses will soon be on display in Mexico thanks to the curators of the Kahlo’s “Blue House” in Mexico City. continue reading »

Amy Kahlo or Frida Winehouse? Argentine Artist Carolina Gallo Paints Amy as Frido

An artist out of Argentina has brought two artists together in one painting, reminding us that we have lost great talent far too early. Artist Carolina Gallo recently revealed her reinterpretation continue reading »

In Case You Were Wondering:  Frida Kahlo’s Mysterious Infertility Solved

Dr. Fernando Antelo, a surgical pathologist at the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, believes he has unlocked the mystery of celebrated Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo’s, infertility. After researching her life as well as her numerous self portraits, the surgeon believes Kahlo suffered from a rare condition called Asherman’s Syndrome. continue reading »

1,000 Mexican Artworks Digitally Documented in Germany, Austria

More than 1,000 Mexican artworks, some dating from pre-Columbian times and which were sent to Germany and Austria over the last four centuries, have been documented for the first time in a digital catalogue. continue reading »

Diego Rivera Sketches Get a Facelift in Mexico

Four sketches made by Mexican artist Diego Rivera in the 1930s for New York's Rockefeller Center are being restored with a grant from Bank of America, the Diego Rivera-Anahuacalli Museum said. continue reading »

Diego Rivera murals Return to New York at the MoMA (VIDEO)

In 1931, the fledgling Museum of Modern Art chose Mexican muralist Diego Rivera for its second major show, inviting him to New York to create “portable” murals on site. Now, some of the works he created in six feverish weeks are again on display at MoMA. continue reading »

Google Honors Diego Rivera With a Mural-Doodle on his 125th Birthday

Check out today’s neat Google-Doodle celebrating Diego Rivera, the great Mexican painter and muralist, influential communist leader and husband of Frida Kahlo. continue reading »

Who Won?  Botero vs Kahlo at Sotheby’s Latin American Art Auction

This week’s long anticipated Latin American art auction held by Sotheby’s pitted two of Latin America’s greatest artists against each other: Fernando Botero of Colombia vs Frida Kahlo of Mexico. continue reading »

Mexico’s Most Beloved Artists Frida and Diego Reunite (VIDEO)

Move over Ignacio Zaragoza, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are moving in. Monday, The Bank of Mexico announced Kahlo and Rivera would be the new faces continue reading »