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Tag Results for "Fidel Castro"

Fidel Castro’s Friend Turned Dissident Passes Away in Cuba

Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo, a comandante of the Cuban Revolution who later turned against Fidel Castro, died Friday in Havana, sources close to the dissident told Efe. He was 77. continue reading »

Fidel Castro Seen in Public for First Time Since Rumors of His Emminent Death Surfaced

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro met with former Venezuelan Vice President Elias Jaua in Havana and later accompanied him to the Hotel Nacional in his first public appearance in months and amid rumors about his health. continue reading »

As Health Rumors Linger Fidel Castro Sends Graduates Congratulatory Message

Fidel Castro's signature appeared once again in the Cuban press on Thursday when he published a congratulatory message directed to an academic institution. continue reading »

Declassified Documents Shine New Light on Cuban Missile Crisis

Declassified Kennedy Library documents reveal further details of a secret U.S. effort to reach an accord with communist Cuba and avoid a nuclear war during the 1962 missile crisis. continue reading »

Fidel Castro in Good Health, Says Son

One of Fidel Castro's sons said the former Cuban president "is well" and maintains a daily routine that includes reading and physical exercise. continue reading »

Fidel’s Son Says Castro is “Lucid and Working Hard”

The eldest son of former Cuban President Fidel Castro told Efe on Monday that his father is "lucid and working hard," despite having made no public appearance for several months. continue reading »

Rare Crocs Once Owned by Fidel Castro Give Birth in Sweden

Sweden is now the home of baby crocodiles from the rarest breed in the world. Once owned by Fidel Castro, Cuban crocodiles at Sweden’s Skansen zoo in Stockholm laid continue reading »

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro Turns 86

The former President of Cuba and brother of current President Raul Castro, Fidel Castro turns 86-years-old today. The ailing Castro’s last public appearance was when in March during Pope Benedict’s visit. continue reading »

Popular Cuban Dissident Oswaldo Paya Reportedly Dies in Traffic Accident, Some Blaming Castro

Cuban opposition figure Oswaldo Paya, one of the most popular and best-known leaders of the internal dissident movement on the communist island, died Sunday in a traffic accident in the eastern province of Granma, various sources reported. continue reading »

George Clooney to Direct “Comandante” Based on American’s Role in Castro’s Overthrow of Batista

Hollywood superstar George Clooney will direct a movie based on the story of an American’s role in helping Fidel Castro Overthrow the Fulgencio Batiste regime. continue reading »

Castro Knew About JFK Assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald, New Book Claims

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro knew that U.S. President John F. Kennedy was going to be shot in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, former CIA analyst Brian Latell says in his new book, "Castro's Secrets. The CIA and Cuba's Intelligence Machine." continue reading »

Did an Embezzlement Scandal Put an End to Cuba’s Internet Plans or Was it Fear of An Uprising?

In February 2011, a ceremony was held to announce an undersea fiber-optic project that was said would boost the island nation’s internet capacity 3000-fold. continue reading »

Cuban Pres. Raul Castro Remains on Predators of Press Freedom List

Cuban President Raul Castro remains on the global list of predators of freedom of information, Reporters Without Borders said here Thursday in a report coinciding with World Press Freedom Day. continue reading »

New “Che”  Graphic Novel Inspired by His Most Famous Portrait

The most famous photo ever taken of Ernesto "Che" Guevara was shot by Alberto Korda in 1960, an image so endlessly reproduced it became not only a political icon but a marketing and advertising asset. That photo is the point of departure for the new graphic novel about the "Comandante" now being published in Spanish. continue reading »

JUST IN:  Ozzie Guillen Suspended from Miami Marlins for Pro-Castro Comments

Former White Sox manger and current manager of the Miami Marlins, Ozzie Guillen has been given a five-game suspension for his pro-Fidel Castro comments. continue reading »

Fidel Castro Pokes Fun at President Obama’s Plan to Wear Cuba’s “Official Garment” to Summit

Fidel Castro is poking fun at U.S. President Barack Obama's plans to sport a guayabera - a tropical shirt that is Cuba's official garment - during this week's Summit of the Americas in Colombia, where the Communist-ruled island will not be represented. continue reading »

Fidel Castro Plans to Visit Fukushima

After attending the Global Hibakusha Forum in Havana on March 1st, former Cuban leader, Fidel Castro said he plans to visit Fukushima’s disaster area in 2013. continue reading »

First Photos Released of Convalescing Chavez in Cuba

Venezuela's government has released five photographs of President Hugo Chavez that show him walking and conversing with Fidel Castro while convalescing after undergoing tumor surgery in Cuba. continue reading »

Older Sister of Fidel and Raul Castro Dies in Cuba

Angela Castro Ruiz, the older sister of Fidel and Raul, died this Tuesday in Havana, Cuba at the age of 88 due to a deadly combination of cancer and Alzheimer's disease. continue reading »

Florida Debate: Romney Claims Obama Has Appeased Cuba, but It Won’t Happen If He’s Elected

Earlier this month, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney stated, “Those of us who believe in freedom and cherish democracy must do our part … and denounce the injustices and cruelties of the Castro tyranny.” continue reading »