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Tag Results for "Felipe Calderon"

Mexican Government Authorizes Witness Protection Law

President Felipe Calderon signed into law a measure authorizing benefits - including new identities - for people who find themselves at risk due to their participation in judicial proceedings, Mexico's attorney general said. continue reading »

MEXICO: Fire Detroys Thousands of Acres, Gunmen’s Threats Block Firefighters

The fire that started last weekend in the La Primavera forest outside the western Mexican city of Guadalajara burned between 30 percent and 40 percent of the trees in an area of about 3,000 hectares (7,407 acres), Environment Secretary Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada said Thursday. continue reading »

Former President of Mexico, Miguel De La Madrid Dead at 77

Former President Miguel de la Madrid died early Sunday at a Mexico City hospital after a long battle with emphysema, Mexican President Felipe Calderon said. He was 77. continue reading »

Mexico’s Calderon Tries to Revive Narco-Ghost Town (VIDEO)

President Felipe Calderón traveled to Ciudad Mier to inaugurate a brand new Military base that he hopes will restore peace and order in the currently abandoned town. continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS Mexico’s Secretary of Interior Dies in Helicopter Crash

Mexican Government officials have confirmed Secretary of Interior Jose Francisco Blake Mora died today, after his helicopter crashed attempting an emergency landing. continue reading »

Mexico’s President Calderon Says “El Chapo” Guzman of the Sinaloa Cartel Could be in U.S.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon is now claiming that fugitive drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman possibly no longer in Mexico, giving gone north into the United States. continue reading »

Poet Scheduled to Meet With Mexican Pres. Calderon to Discuss Crime-Fighting Strategy

As leader of a popular anti-violence campaign in Mexico, poet Javier Sicilia will meet with Mexican President Felipe Calderon this week to discuss the nation's crime-fighting plans. continue reading »

Central American Security Conference Garners 10 Presidents and Secretary Clinton in Attendance

President Leonel Fernandez of the Dominican Republic will join US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and 10 Presidents, 40 delegations and international institutions at the International Conference for Support to the Central American Security Strategy that will be held on June 22-24 in Guatemala, according to official sources. continue reading »

Mexico President Signs Law to Increase Safety for Migrants Heading to U.S.

Mexico’s President, Felipe Calderon has signed an updated law to make it easier for illegal immigrants heading to the U.S. to travel through Mexico. continue reading »

Mexican President Calderon Looks to Bring Additional Tourism to Mexico

According to a trade publication, travelers appear to be ignoring travel warning from the State Department, and continue to head to Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Haiti. continue reading »

Eduardo Arnal Nuevo Cónsul General de México

Asistió a la ceremonia de inauguración del alcalde de la ciudad, Rahm Emanuel. El lunes 16 de mayo Eduardo Arnal tomo posesión como Cónsul General de México en Chicago, nombramiento conferido por el Presidente de México, Felipe Calderón. continue reading »

Mexican Pres. Calderon Confirms that Country Has No Plan to Make Pemex Oil Public

Tuesday, the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon clarified that rumors of the government-owned Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) going public are not true, but he does have plans for a second attempt at oil reform before his term ends in 2012. continue reading »

Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI) Recognizes Pres. Calderon and C. Conde

The Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute (CHLI) announced today that it will be presenting its International Leadership Award to the President of Mexico, His Excellency Felipe Calderón and its Corporate Leadership Award to Cesar Conde, President of Univision Networks. continue reading »

Mexico Govt. Makes History as Felipe Calderon’s Entire Cabinet Twitters

History is being made in México as Twitter offers a direct line of communication between the public, and those in Public Office. continue reading »

Adultery No Longer a Crime In Mexico

Mexico’s Senate has abolished a law that made cheating on a spouse an offense punishable by up to two years in prison and suspension of their civil rights for up to six years. continue reading »

President Calderon Promises Mexican Army Widows $830/month

Mexico’s president has promised spouses of soldiers killed in action monthly pensions of 10,000 pesos, or $830. Saturday, during a speech, President Felipe Calderon praised the efforts of army as they fight the war on drug, and said that they have seized 100,000 weapons since troops were dispatched over four years ago. continue reading »

$570 Million Chrysler Plant Debuts in Mexico

Chrysler automotive opened its sixth engine manufacturing plant this weekend in Mexico at a cost of $570 million. The plant is located in the state capital of Saltillo and will produce their most advanced and energy efficient engine that will be used in its Jeep Cherokee, Town and Country and Dodge Charger models. continue reading »