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Tag Results for "Facebook"

Twitter Announces IPO Plans in Tweet

San Francisco-based microblogging service Twitter Inc. said it had begun the process for an initial public offering, a much-anticipated move in the wake of Facebook's debut on the Nasdaq last year. continue reading »

Russian Social Network Looking to Surpass Facebook in Latin America

Russian social-networking Web site VK aims to displace Facebook as the Peruvians' favorite in the medium term as a first step toward establishing its presence throughout the Latin American market, its representatives said. continue reading »

Study Shows Smartphones Are Our Best Friends

What do you use your Smartphone for these days? Chances are, you don't use it to just make a phone call. According to AFP, Smartphone users use their ‘portable computers’ for messaging, web browsing and Facebook. A study conducted by IDC revealed how people actually use their mobile phones. continue reading »

Facebook Purchases Microsoft’s Ads Technology

Facebook Inc. announced that it has reached a deal with Microsoft Corp. to acquire its Atlas Advertiser Suite, a service that enables marketers and agencies to get the most out of their online advertising. continue reading »

FBI Investigates “Sophisticated Attack” on Facebook

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation is collaborating in the investigation of a "sophisticated attack" by hackers on Facebook last month, which, according to the social network, has not compromised users' data. continue reading »

Subway on Damage Control: Foot-long Subs Aren’t Always a Foot Long

Subway, the sub chain, had a PR nightmare on its hands this week when a Facebook user posted a photo of his foot-long sub with a ruler. It turned out that the sub was only 11 inches long and he wanted a reply. continue reading »

How was Your 2012? Check Out Your Year in Review on Facebook

As this year comes to a close, Facebook invited users to take a look back on the most memorable moments of 2012. Facebook recently released its 2012 Year in Review results as well as a new feature that allows users to see their top moments of the year. continue reading »

Ricky Martin Shares Embarrassing Story of Being Locked Out of Apartment in His Underwear

Ricky Martin won the sympathy of thousands of followers in confessing on social networks that this week the door of his apartment closed behind him, leaving him locked outside in his underwear with no keys to get back in. continue reading »

Shakira Celebrates 50 Million Facebook Fans

Colombian pop star Shakira set a new record on social networks this week as the number of her fans on Facebook zoomed to 50 million. continue reading »

Cuba Creates its Own Facebook-Like Social Network

“Redsocial,” The Cuban carbon copy of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network Facebook, is the island’s new “Virtual meeting point for Cuban Universities.” continue reading »

Missing CA Teen Contacts Mother via Facebook, Says She’s In Mexico, Married and Pregnant

A California mother is both relieved and worried after receiving a Facebook message from a teenage daughter who vanished months ago. Sheri Simonek was terrified when her 15-year-old daughter, Alisa Wheeler, disappeared four months ago. continue reading »

Costa Rican Mother Reunited with Kidnapped Son via Facebook After 12 Years (VIDEO)

Costa Rican mother Kattia Sanchez Liebers never gave up hope that she would see her missing son again. She never changed her name when she married so Jared could find her. She kept his pictures, toys and mementos of their life together that was cut short when her estranged husband took him, Jared’s father. continue reading »

Anonymous Planning to “Destroy” Facebook on November 5th (VIDEO)

The hacker group published a YouTube video announcing their plan, and urging others to take down Facebook on November 5th. continue reading »

Paralyzed Brazilian Lion Made Famous via Facebook DIES (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Less than two weeks after capturing the world's hearts, Ariel the paralyzed Brazilian lion has died. Her loyal owner Raquel Borges noted on Ariel's Facebook page: "Our beloved Ariel is gone. This is the saddest day of my life." No other details were available. continue reading »

Juan Valdez Café Reaches One Million Facebook Friends!

The iconic Colombian coffee brand with the man in the hat and the burro, has become the top Colombian brand on Facebook with over one million "friends" continue reading »

LISTEN To J-lo’s New Single “Papi” (VIDEO)

This song is available now on iTunes, unlocked after thousands of fans "liked it" on Facebook continue reading »