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Tag Results for "Cuba News"

U.S. Recognized New Cuban Government in 1959

Today in Latin American history, the United States recognized the new Cuban government of Fidel Castro in 1959. continue reading »

Cuba, U.S. Discuss Pilot Project for Direct Mail Service Suspended in 1963

U.S. and Cuban representatives held a second round of talks in Havana on Monday to discuss a pilot project to re-establish direct mail service between the two countries, five decades after it was cancelled amid Cold War tensions. continue reading »

Alicia Alonso, Head of Cuba’s National Ballet, Honored in Spain

The Teatro de Rojas in Toledo, a city in central Spain, granted Tuesday the Special Prize in the 22nd edition of its awards to Alicia Alonso, director of the National Ballet of Cuba. continue reading »

Cubans Hold March Demanding Release of Spies Held in U.S.

Hundreds of people marched to the U.S. Interests Section in Havana on Thursday as part of a "yellow ribbon" appeal to Washington to release four Cuban intelligence agents held since 1998. continue reading »

Filmmaker Saul Landau Known for Castro Documentary Dies, Age 77

Writer and Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker Saul Landau has died of cancer at his home in California, his family said Wednesday. He was 77. continue reading »

What Diana Nyad’s Cuba-To-Florida Swim Tells Us About What It Takes To Make It To The U.S.

Last Monday, US swimmer Diana Nyad made history when she completed a 110-mile, 53-hour-long swim from Cuba to Key West. She was the first person to do so successfully without a shark cage around her. It was her fifth and final attempt at this adventure. The last time she tried, she had to stop due to lightning and from being stung so many times by jellyfish. continue reading »

Nostalgia for Cuba’s Past, A Difference of Generations

A Cuban-American friend of mine recently e-mailed me a PowerPoint presentation containing slides of pre-1959 Cuba. To put you in the right frame of mind, it came with a soundtrack from that era. I had just finished a book that another friend gave me, Don Miguel Ruiz’s “The Four Agreements.” This is not the first time that I have received these e-mails. In fact, there is vibrant cottage industry that generates similar presentations ad nauseam. continue reading »

Florida Backs Off Bid to Bar Public Contracts for Firms With Cuba Ties

Florida authorities have decided not to enforce a law that bans the state and local governments from hiring companies that have business ties with Cuba, The Miami Herald reported. continue reading »

Cuban Judoka Claims Someone Bribed Him to Throw World Championship

Cuban judoka Asley Gonzalez, the champion in the 90-kilo weight class at the recently concluded World Judo Championships in Rio de Janeiro, said someone offered him a bribe to throw the gold medal match, official media reported Wednesday. continue reading »

Cuba Launches Yellow Ribbon Campaign on Fifteenth Anniversary of Cuban Spies’ Arrest

Cuba's Communist government is urging a display of yellow ribbons on Sept. 12 in an appeal to the United States to release four Cuban intelligence agents who have been in custody since 1998, official media said Wednesday. continue reading »

Authorities Detain 57 Undocumented Immigrants in Puerto Rico

Federal and local autoridades detained Tuesday 56 Haitians and a Cuban who were trying to enter Puerto Rico illegally, police in the U.S. commonwealth said Tuesday. continue reading »

Cuba’s “Cyber Points” Have Hosted Over 100,000 Customers in 3 Months

Cuba's "cyber points," which offer public Internet access, have attracted more than 100,000 paying customers in the last three months, government daily Juventud Rebelde said Thursday. continue reading »

New Cholera Outbreak in Cuba, 163 Cases Reported that Includes Tourists

Cuba has reported a new cholera outbreak with 163 cases, 12 of whom are tourists, though no deaths were mentioned, according to a bulletin from the Pan American Health Organization. continue reading »

Cholera Outbreak in Cuba Prompts U.S. Travel Warning

The State Department through the U.S. Interest Section in Havana has issued a travel advisory warning of a cholera outbreak in Cuba. continue reading »

More Than 436,000 Cubans Work in Private Sector

At least 436,342 Cubans now work in the private sector, most of them as hired workers and mostly in businesses to do with food sales, according to official figures released Saturday by the official daily Juventud Rebelde. continue reading »

Bahamas Deports 24 Refugees to Cuba, Says Exile Group

A Cuban exile group in Miami said Thursday that the Bahamian government deported 24 refugees who had been detained in that Caribbean country back to Cuba, many of whom had already been granted asylum by Panama. continue reading »

European Representative of Ladies in White is Denied Entry to Cuba

Cuban Blanca Reyes, the representative of the Ladies in White in Europe, complained Wednesday that Havana had denied her permission to travel to her homeland and visit her blind, 93-year-old father. continue reading »

Hugo Chavez Was “Best Friend,” Says Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro said that the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was the "best friend" he had during his 47 years as Cuba's head of state. continue reading »

Cuba, Bahamas Review Bilateral Agenda

The minister of foreign affairs of the Bahamas arrived in Havana to discuss bilateral issues at a time when Cuban exile activists in the United States accuse the Bahamian government of mistreating undocumented immigrants, most of whom are Cubans. continue reading »

Cuban Dissident Calls for “Gradual” Strike Against Regime

Cuban dissident Jorge Luis Garcia Perez, better known as Antunez, issued a call here Thursday for a "gradual" general strike in Cuba to paralyze the "structures of the Castro regime." continue reading »