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Tag Results for "Cristina Fernandez"

President Cristina Fernandez Defends Argentina’s Deal With Chevron

President Cristina Fernandez defended the deal her administration signed earlier this week with U.S.-based supermajor Chevron Corp. for the development of the Vaca Muerta shale oil and gas field in southwestern Argentina amid criticism from opponents of the agreement. continue reading »

Fernandez Administration Appoints Panel to Investigate Train Crash in Argentina

President Cristina Fernandez's administration has appointed a commission to investigate a railway accident that left three people dead and 315 injured, the Argentine government said Friday in the official gazette. continue reading »

Spain Sends Condolences for Argentine Flood Victims

Spain's King Juan Carlos has sent a telegram to Argentine President Cristina Fernandez expressing his condolences to the families of those who died in the recent floods in the South American country, and stated his support for the Argentine people in this catastrophe, sources in the royal household told Efe. continue reading »

Argentina Inundated with “Tsunami of Rain,” 54 Die

The death toll from the heavy rains that have recently fallen on Buenos Aires and nearby parts of the country now stands at 54, Argentine authorities said Wednesday. continue reading »

Argentina Calls on UK to Discuss Sovereignty of Falkland Islands

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez marked Tuesday's 31st anniversary of the start of the Falklands War by again demanding that Britain agree to discuss the question of sovereignty over the South Atlantic archipelago known to Latin Americans as the Malvinas. continue reading »

Argentine President Congratulates Francis I on Papal Election

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez on Wednesday congratulated countryman Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the new Pope Francis I, on his election as Catholic pontiff, saying she wished him success in his pastoral duties. continue reading »

Luis Miguel Meets President Fernandez in Argentina

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez received Mexican singer Luis Miguel, currently visiting the South American country to give a series of concerts. continue reading »

Argentina Eliminates Price Control on Natural Gas, Price Rises 300 Percent

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez has announced plans for a 300 percent hike in natural gas wellhead prices, an increase aimed at spurring greater investment in that sector. continue reading »

Argentina and Venezuela Form “Strategic” Oil Alliance

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez and Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez signed an agreement in Brasilia forming a "strategic alliance" between their respective state oil companies, YPF and PDVSA. continue reading »

U.N. Secretary-General Met With Argentine President Cristina Fernández to Discuss Global Issues

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon held a meeting this week with Argentina’s President Cristina Fernández, in which they discussed a range of issues on the global agenda. The issues discussed included the Falkland Islands (Malvinas). The Governments of Argentina and the United Kingdom have been engaged in a dispute concerning the sovereignty of the islands, located in the south Atlantic Ocean. continue reading »

UPDATE Take a Look at Cristina’s Brand New Shoes

One of our readers snapped a few pictures of Cristina sporting her new kicks at the UNESCO in Paris. Thanks, Hugo! continue reading »

Argentina’s President Cristina Fernández Paris Shopping Spree Includes 100K in Shoes

Cristina Fernández didn’t even leave her lavish Paris hotel to shop for the 20 pairs of Louboutin shoes she purchased ahead of her meeting with Sarkozy. continue reading »

Argentina Set to Raise Its Minimum Wage by 25%

Argentina, under the leadership of President Cristina Fernandez, is set to raise its minimum wage by 25% to approximately $550 per month wages. The Latin American country already was paying the highest minimum in the region and is living under the highest inflations rates in the region. continue reading »

Cristina Fernández Indisputable Leader of Argentina’s First Ever Primaries

Mrs. Fernández snatched close to 50% of the primary votes, clouding the aspirations of 9 other candidates too weak to contend against her re-election campaign. continue reading »

Controversies in Argentina and Mexico Surrounding Mario Vargas Llosa

The Literature Nobel prize winner was selected to inaugurate the annual “Book Fair” in Argentina, a choice that didn’t sit well with many Kirshner-followers. continue reading »

Argentina’s Presidential Funds Stolen - Was it an Inside Job? (VIDEO)

A government employee, Rodolfo Natalio Stefanon, says he was intercepted by three men on a motorcycle as he approached his home, in an exclusive Buenos Aires continue reading »