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Tag Results for "Chile News"

Laguna del Laja in Chile is Named One of World’s Top Biosphere Reserves

The United Nations today added 18 new sites to its global list of biosphere reserves, bringing the total to 581 in 114 different countries, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) reported. In the impressive list was the Laguna del Laja in Chile. continue reading »

Isabel Allende Wins the Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award

The writer and was awarded for her narrative qualities, and her ability to maroon audiences with her stories. continue reading »

Bishops Call for Education Reform in Chile

In the context of student protests, the Chilean bishops have stressed the urgency of researching proposals that meet with a broad consensus, in order to give the processes the go-ahead that meet the right demands. continue reading »

Chile Begins Evacuations After Puyehue Volcano Erupts, 230 Earthquakes Per Hour Ensue (VIDEO)

Forty years later the residents that live by the Puyehue volcano are seeing its fury once again. The chain of Puyehue-Cordon Caulle volcanos located in southern Chile in the Ranco Province area are 500 miles from the capital city of Santiago. continue reading »

Chilean Authorities to Investigate the Death of Pablo Neruda

Following a complaint filed Tuesday by the Chilean Communist Party, Judge Mario Carrizosa has ordered an investigation. continue reading »

Chilean Anarchist’s Bomb Goes Off, Alights Him and Its All Caught on Video (VIDEO)

22 Year old Luciano Pittronello was severely injured by the explosion of the artifact he was planting in front of a Santiago bank and the entire incident was horrifyingly caught on video. continue reading »

Peru, Colombia, and Chile Merge Stock Markets

Peru, Colombia, and Chile will formally merge their stock markets Today. This action will create the second-largest bourse in Latin America after Brazil and promising to increase liquidity in the mineral-rich Andean region. continue reading »

New Economic Alliance between Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru Forms the ‘Pacific Alliance’

In an effort to enhance their respective development and economies, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru signed the ‘Pacific Alliance.’ The commonality here being that all these countries have a Pacific Ocean coastline and their cumulative exports represent the majority of exports to Asia. continue reading »

Humpback Whales Return to and Prosper in Chilean Seas

Once hunted down almost to extinction, the annual visits of massive mammals prompted Chilean Authorities to create a protected coastal area. continue reading »

Did He Just do That? Czech Republic President Steals Piñera’s Pen (VIDEO)

Did Czech leader Vaclav Klaus pocket the silver pen that the Chilean government had provided for him to sign cooperation treaties between the two nations? You be the judge. continue reading »

FBI: Ted Kennedy Rented Out an Entire Chilean Brothel for A Night of Debauchery

Recently released FBI files dated December 1961, reveals that the late Edward “Ted” Kennedy rented out an entire Chilean brothel, while he was the assistant district attorney for Suffolk County, Massachusetts. continue reading »

6.0 Earthquake Shakes Chile on the Aniversary of Last Year’s Earthquake

A 5.9-magnitude earthquake hit central Chile on late Sunday evening, 10.29 p.m. local time (0129 GMT Monday) seismologists and officials said, causing some power outages continue reading »

One Year After Chile’s Devastating 8.8 Magnitude Earthquake

On February 27, 2010 a 8.8 magnitude earthquake shook Chile leaving it in ruins: 524 dead, 800,0000 homeless, 370,000 houses ruined, 4,500 schools destroyed and $30 billion in damages. continue reading »

WWE Wrestler Mark Henry in Chile (VIDEO)

Mark Jerrold Henry was born June 12th 1971 in Silsbee, Texas, United States. Mark Henry is wrestler for the WWE with the ECW Wrestlers and debut on September 22nd 1996. continue reading »

Chilean Miners: The Unheard Story (VIDEO)

The 33 Chilean miners are back in the media with full force: previously unreleased testimonies about their odyssey were documented on CBS’ 60 minutes, as well as in a new book, and the first 33 movie will premiere this week at the Berlin Film Festival. continue reading »

Don Francisco Ordered by Chilean Court to Submit to DNA Paternity Test

Following a three hour hearing, the first one in the paternity lawsuit against TV personalty Mario Kreutzberger (better known as Don Francisco), the TV show man was ordered to undergo DNA tests, to determine whether or not he is the biological father of 43 years old Patricio Flores Mundaca. continue reading »

Chilean Miners get the VIP Treatment at Walt Disney World (VIDEO)

Thirty-one of the 33 miners, their immediate family members and four of their rescuers (in total a party of about 160 people), arrived to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Fl. last Thursday for a seven-day, six-night vacation. continue reading »

Lollapalooza Chile: The Line up is Out and ROCKS! April 2011

On April 2 and 3,2011 Lollapalooza will be rocking out the O'Higgins Park in Santiago de Chile. We have the (awesome) line up, as well as insider information on the perks that will be available at the festival! continue reading »

BREAKING NEWS Israel’s Embassy in Chile Evacuated

Police in Santiago de Chile have evacuated the embassy of Israel, after it received an envelope with a white powder inside. continue reading »

Chile to Use More Solar Power Now Featured at Its Bus Stops

This year, Chile plans to equip 53 percent of Santiago's bus stops with solar panels to at night time, light stations outside the downtown area. continue reading »