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Tag Results for "Cesar Chavez"

Pioneer in Farm Labor Movement Jessie De La Cruz Dies at 93

The farm labor movement has lost one of its most respected voices with the death of Jessie De La Cruz, at age 93. continue reading »

Google Defends Decision to Honor Cesar Chavez on Easter

Google’s decision to honor Latino civil rights icon Cesar Chavez on his birthday Sunday instead of Easter was the target of criticism, forcing Google to defend its decision. continue reading »

Police Arrest Man Suspected of Murdering Family Over Land Dispute in Guatemala

The man suspected of leading the slaughter of seven people inside a home south of the Guatemalan capital is in custody, police said Wednesday. Cesar Chavez, 38, was arrested in the village where the killings took place, police spokesman Pablo Castillo told the media. continue reading »

Ship Named After Prominent Civil Rights Activist Cesar Chavez to be Christened by US Navy

The Navy will christen and launch the dry cargo/ammunition ship the USNS Cesar Chavez, Saturday, May 5, 2012, during a 7:30 p.m. PDT ceremony at the General Dynamics NASSCO shipyard in San Diego. continue reading »

Menendez Introduces Resolution to Honor César Estrada Chavez on the 85th Anniv of His Birthday

With Saturday, March 31st marking the 85th anniversary of Cesar Estrada Chavez’s birthday, U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) today introduced a resolution to commemorate his life and legacy, a recognition that has become an annual tradition. For the sixth year in a row, Republicans in the Senate prevented an official honor of the civil rights leader, objecting to Unanimous Consent passage of the resolution. continue reading »

Cesar Chavez Was No Saint New Book Reveals

Retired teacher Frank Bardacke, who in his youth was a member of the United Farm Workers union, says that it's a "mistake to idolize union leaders like Cesar Chavez," a founder of the UFW. continue reading »

RICHARD E. CHAVEZ: Memorial Services for Iconic United Farm Worker Leader

It is with a heavy heart that we will say goodbye to a longtime friend, colleague, mentor, loved one and iconic United Farm Worker leader - Richard E. Chavez, farmworker justice advocate and civil rights hero. continue reading »

Brother of Cesar Chavez, Richard Chavez, Dies – Helped Organized Grape Boycotts of ‘60s

The brother of Cesar Chavez, Richard Chavez has died in California at the age of 81. Richard helped his brother build the United Farm Workers to the political and civil rights force it became. continue reading »

Cesar Chavez Home Nominated for Placement in National Historic Registry

The nine-member California Historic Resources Commission voted on May 19 to nominate the National Chavez Center, where Cesar Chavez lived and led the farm worker movement during his last 22 years at La Paz in Keene, Calif., continue reading »

Cesar Chavez Knew Change Requires More than Chanting “Yes We Can”

As Cesar Chavez is honored this week, his legacy offers a powerful reminder that achieving real change is difficult, and involves more than chanting “Yes We Can.” Two years after the 2008 election appeared to usher in a new progressive era, many activists are dispirited. continue reading »

Caesar E. Chavez Day- March 31st     Viva Chavez!

It is "Cesar E. Chavez Day" in Chicago, March 31st [Chavez's birthday] by Proclamation signed by Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. continue reading »