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Tag Results for "Bolivia News"

Bolivia’s National Day August 6th!

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of Bolivia as you celebrate the 186th anniversary of your independence this August 6. continue reading »

One of a Kind: Lucha Libre Bolivian Wrestlers in Traditional Grab (VIDEO)

Where except in Bolivia would you except to see wrestlers, or better said Lucha Libre fighters, in colorful twirling skirts. These ‘cholitas’ as they are known not only beat up their opponent but wreak havoc on the audience. A recent observer noted chairs were thrown at the audience along with spraying them with sticky soda. continue reading »

Bolivia: Calling for The Necessary Distinction between Child labor and Exploitation

Statistics indicate that over 800,000 children have a full time job in Bolivia, one-fifth of the population in the age group between 5 and 14 years. continue reading »

Bolivia Has Highest Maternal & Infant Mortality Rate in Latin America and Both Are Preventable

Every year 37% of maternal deaths are recorded in health centers in Bolivia. According to data by the organization Visión Mundial, more than 17 000 kids and 600 mothers die annually in the country. continue reading »

UN Drug Fighting Crew Killed in Plane Crash in Bolivia

All four United Nations staff in Bolivia whose plane disappeared during a flight to monitor coca production northeast of the capital, La Paz, were killed when the aircraft crashed on Thursday, a UN official said today. continue reading »

Bolivia’s President Morales Plans to Expropriate All Mines

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales is set to announce on May 1st that he will be ‘dismantling the privatization model’ thereby expropriating privately owned zinc, silver and tin mines. continue reading »

UN to Help Bolivia Alleviate Poverty with $8 Million in Loans

The United Nations rural development arm has lent Bolivia about $8 million to fund projects to alleviate poverty in two departments, the agency reported today following the signing of a financing agreement with the Government of the South American country. continue reading »

Landslides and Floods Threaten Bolivia Residents ( VIDEO)

A major landslide within the Andean city of La Paz was the latest in a series of crises brought about by heavy rain in the nation of Bolivia. continue reading »

25 Lions Flown from Bolivia to Colorado in Animal Rescue (VIDEO)

After Bolivia Bans the use of wild and domesticated animals in circus acts, an animal rights group finds 25 lions a new home in a Colorado Sanctuary. continue reading »

10-Year-old Bolivian Girl rescues Baby in Floodwaters

A 10-year-old Bolivian girl saved a baby as the child was being swept away in floodwaters. More than 60 homes were destroyed as the floods ran through a mining village north of La Paz continue reading »