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Tag Results for "Bolivia News"

Bolivian Miners and Colquiri Mining Company Reach Agreement

The groups of Bolivian miners vying for control of the Andean Colquiri mine reached an agreement that resolves their conflict by arriving at a division of its richest ore vein, Government Minister Carlos Romero said Sunday. continue reading »

Bolivian Police Kill 2 Men Guarding Cocaine Lab in Clash

Two men guarding a cocaine lab in the eastern Bolivian province of Santa Cruz died in a confrontation with police, official news agency ABI said. continue reading »

Vice President of Bolivia Marries in Traditional Indian Ceremony at Temples of Tiahuanaco

Bolivian Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera and journalist Claudia Fernandez married one another in an unannounced ceremony that included indigenous rites at an open-air temple in the pre-Columbian citadel of Tiahuanaco held prior to the Catholic and civil ceremonies on Sunday. continue reading »

Another Deadly Accident on Bolivia’s “Highway of Death” Leaves 6 Dead, 30 Injured

At least six people were killed and more than 30 others injured when a bus plunged into a ravine on the so-called "highway of death" in Bolivia's Los Yungas region, police said. continue reading »

Bolivian Border Town Receives Extra Security After Mob Kills Brazilians Accused of Murder

Soldiers and additional police have been deployed in the border town where two Brazilians accused of murdering three local residents were lynched earlier this week, the Bolivian government said Friday. continue reading »

PARADOX:  Bolivia Has Less Coca Plantations but Producing More Cocaine

The U.S. government confirmed that Bolivia has fewer coca plantations but it is producing more cocaine because drug traffickers are using a more "efficient" process known as the "Colombian method," according to an interview published Sunday in the daily Pagina Siete. continue reading »

Mob Storms Bolivia Jail and Lynches Murder Suspect

An angry mob stormed a jail and lynched a prisoner accused of murdering a man and wounding his wife in a town in the Bolivian region of Santa Cruz, which borders on Brazil and Paraguay, prosecutor Lucio Hinojosa told Efe on Monday. continue reading »

Latin American Amazon Tribes Give Clue to Heart-Healthy Lifestyles

Investigating indigenous Amazonian or African peoples who still follow a hunter-gatherer or forager-horticulturist lifestyle is giving new insights into how diet and lifestyle affect the heart as humans age. continue reading »

US Citizen on Hunger Strike in Bolivian Prison

The attorney for a 53-year-old American man who is on hunger strike in the Bolivian prison where he has been held for 11 months without formal charges said that he sent a complaint to the U.S. Embassy in La Paz because of the scant progress being made on his case. continue reading »

Spanish Company and Gov’t Expect Compensation From Bolivia

The Spanish government and Spain-based power utility Red Electrica de España say they expect President Evo Morales' administration will provide fair compensation for the REE unit nationalized by Bolivia, a move officials in Madrid say is not linked to Argentina's expropriation of oil firm YPF. continue reading »

Bolivia’s Evo Morales Released from Hospital, Resumes Presidential Duties

Bolivian President Evo Morales on the weekend left the hospital in the central city of Cochabamba where he had been admitted suddenly 24 hours earlier, and specialists attending him said that he is in "very good health," the government-run media reported Sunday. continue reading »

Amnesty International: Violence Against Disabled Protesters in Bolivia Must be Investigated

Bolivia’s authorities must initiate a prompt, full and independent investigation into reports that police used excessive force against people with disabilities during a demonstration in La Paz on Thursday, Amnesty International said. continue reading »

McDonald’s Closes All Their Restaurants in Bolivia

UPDATE: HS News -Bolivia became the first McDonald’s-free Latin American nation nearly a decade ago, after struggling for more than a decade to keep their numbers out of ‘the red.’ And that fact is still making news. continue reading »

Drunk Bolivian Teenager Killed By Flesh-Eating River Piranhas

An unnamed 18-year-old fisherman was reportedly drunk when he jumped out of a canoe, and into the piranha infested Yata river. continue reading »

More Than 3,500 Children Work to Support Families in Bolivia

The Bolivian families of low income force many children to work as a shoeshine, peddlers, window washers, carters. continue reading »

Bolivian Narcos Dig Up Dead Narco Mule to Extract Cocaine Cargo

A 55 year old man who had died in May got dug up recently, his insides dissected and spilled on the ground as narcos exhumed his body to retrieve the cocaine cargo in his belly. continue reading »

U.S. and Bolivia Sign ‘Framework Agreement’ - Issue Joint Statement

Yesterday, U.S. Under Secretary for Global Affairs Maria Otero and Bolivian Vice Foreign Minister Juan Carlos Alurralde signed a Framework Agreement continue reading »

Catholic Church’s Critical Role in Bolivian Indigenous March

After 65 days since the beginning of the indigenous march and confrontation with the government, President Morales has decided not only the definitive suspension of the construction continue reading »

International Acclaim for Bolivia’s Decision to Prosecute Killing of Government Protesters in 2003

The United Nations human rights chief welcomed the decision by Bolivia’s top court to convict several high-level officials for their part in the deaths of over 60 people during anti-government protests in 2003, calling it an important step in the fight against impunity. continue reading »

Bolivian Mennonites Jailed for Serial Rapes Using Sedation

Seven members of a Protestant sect in Bolivia have been sentenced to 25 years each in prison for raping some 100 women in an agrarian commune, the judge and prosecutors told the press. An eighth man was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison for providing a narcotic that the men sprayed to render the women unconscious before raping them in their dormitories, said Judge Luis Enrique Perez. continue reading »