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Tag Results for "Alan Gross"

‘You Lied’ Says Cuba to Former Governor Bill Richardson

To hear former New Mexican Governor Bill Richardson tell it, he was invited to Cuba by the Raul Castro government to discuss the Alan Gross matter. continue reading »

Former New Mexico Governor Travels to Cuba, Looking to Negotiate Release of U.S. Contractor

Earlier this year, Alan Gross, 62, was sentenced by a Cuban court to 15 years in prison for attempting to set up internet networks in the communist country. continue reading »

Cuba Upholds Alan Gross’ 15-Yr Prison Sentence, Denying His Appeal

The pleas of the U.S. government and Alan Gross’ family fell on deaf ears in Cuba again. First there was the two-day trial where the contractor was found guilty of crimes against the island nation and sentenced to 15-years in prison. Then on Friday Cuba uphold that 15-year sentence and dismissed Gross' appeal. Gross has been detained in Cuba since 2009. continue reading »

U.S. Contractor Alan Gross Found Guilty in Cuba

The pleas of the U.S. government and Alan Gross fell on deaf ears in Cuba. After a two-day trial, a Cuban court found the 61-year old contractor guilty of crimes against the island nation and sentenced him to 15-years in prison. continue reading »

Cuba and US Meet to Discuss Immigration and Likely US Citizen being Held in Cuba

The talks primary focus if the 17 year old agreement which allows the US to issue 20,000 visas to Cuban residents. Over the years however, the bi-annual meeting has been the forum for both countries to express their grievances. This weeks meeting is sure to see the discussion of the detention of an American in Cuba currently being held for spying. continue reading »