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Tag Results for "33 "

14 Chilean Miners Awarded Lifetime Pensions

Chilean First Lady Cecilia Morel traveled to Copiapó on behalf of President Piñera and awarded 14 of the 33 miners a lifetime monthly salary of 250,000 Chilean pesos, almost $540. The miners themselves chose the group of fourteen who would not have to work for the rest of their lives. continue reading »

“Black Swan” Producer Buys Rights to Chilean Miners Film

“Black Swan” and “Shutter Island” producer Mike Medavoy has purchased the rights to the extraordinary story of the 33 Chilean miners who spent 69 days underground. The script will be written by José Rivera (“Motorcycle Diaries”) and production is expected to start next year. continue reading »

Miner who Wrote “We’re Ok” Message Wants it back from Chilean President

The Chilean miner who wrote the famous message "We're OK" message wants it back from Chilean President Sebastin Piñera. José Ojeda can only hope Piñera returns the little paper with the survival message, as he once promised. continue reading »