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Tag Results for "2012 Election"

On Immigration & Latino Voters, GOP 2012 Contenders Just Don’t Get It

The reviews continue to pour in about last week’s Republican presidential primary debate and the consensus is clear – the GOP’s continued mishandling of the immigration issue threatens their chances in the general election, especially with respect to reaching the 40% threshold with Latino voters. Among the new reactions to the debate and other developments from over the weekend: continue reading »

What Can Latinos Learn from the Tea Party Debate?

Well the first ever Tea Party Republican debate is over and what did the Latino voter and the Latino populace in general learn? As writer Andres Oppenheimer noted, ‘These guys don’t like us’ and I will expound on that and say they don’t like anyone probably not even themselves. continue reading »

New Michele Bachmann Ads Will Attack Gov Perry on His Record on Illegal Immigration

Rep. Michele Bachmann has been trying to figure out how to regain the lead she had in the Republican Presidential primary until Texas Governor Rick Perry entered the race and decided attacking his stance on illegal immigration is the way. continue reading »

STUDY:  Latinos and African Americans Remain Optimistic in Face of Tough Economy

Findings from the Blair-Rockefeller Poll challenge long-held assumptions about the impact of the economy on political attitudes and voting behaviors, according to a new report by political scientist Todd Shields continue reading »

Marcio Rubio Will be President Someday Predicts Rush Limbaugh, Sees Him as ‘Conservative Purity’

Conservative radio talk host Rush Limbaugh is jumping on the ‘We love everything about Marco Rubio’ bandwagon. Yesterday during his program Limbaugh predicted Rubio “someday [is] going to be president of the United States.” continue reading »

Presidential Contenders, Romney and Perry, Speak Out About Immigration over Labor Day Weekend

As the Republican contenders for the Presidency get ready for their Labor Day debate two of them made comments on the issue of immigration over the weekend. continue reading »

Latino Decisions:  Obama’s Latino Challenge

The President has a long list of things to worry about, topped by his approval to disapproval ratio in the general electorate. Among Latinos the downward trend in approval is reflected, but less severe continue reading »

President and First Lady to Attend Congressional Hispanic Caucus Gala

CHCI Chair Rep. Charles A. Gonzalez announced today that President Barack Obama, joined by First Lady Michelle Obama, will address the largest Latino gala in the country at CHCI's 34th Annual Awards Gala on Wednesday, September 14, 2011, continue reading »

POLL:  ‘Tea Party’ Label Viewed as Negative by More Americans

Looks like it’s a little more popular to be a liberal or a progressive these days, although conservative remains the best political label you can put on a candidate for public office. Being linked to the Tea Party is the biggest negative. continue reading »

LATINO DECISIONS POLL:  President Obama’s Support Waning Amongst Latino Voters

The most recent poll of Latino voters reveals a continuing political problem for President Barack Obama, which he must address if he wants to get re-elected next year. The number of Latinos who are certain to vote for Obama in 2012 does not reach the level needed to, continue reading »

WATCH Gov. Rick Perry Courting the Latino Religious Right Not Too Long Ago (VIDEO)

Everyone knows that Republican Presidential contender and Texas Governor Rick Perry is a staunch pro-lifer and religious conservative and it appears it is those very principals that he may use to lure the Latino voter. continue reading »

Lawsuit to Allow Non-U.S. Citizens to Donate to U.S. Politcal Campaigns Shot Down

Monday, a three-judge court ruled that the ban on the majority of foreign donations to U.S. political campaigns is constitutional. Federal law states that donations continue reading »

Comprehensive Initiative to Engage Latino Voters for 2012 Elections is Created

With the goal of expanding the size and influence of the nation’s fastest-growing electorate—Latino voters—NCLR (National Council of La Raza) and Democracia U.S.A. (DUSA), the nation’s largest Hispanic voter registration organization, announce the formal integration of DUSA into NCLR. continue reading »

Tequila Party Events Scheduled in Nearly 20 States in Preparation for 2012

Through Rallies and concerts, The Tequila Party wants to organize a record Latino Vote in 2012. With events scheduled in nearly 20 states, the kickoff will be in Tucson on June 4. continue reading »